I’m the one who codes! is both my personal and professional blog. My full name is Jose Enrique Bolaños Gudiño.

I’m a software developer with experience in several areas, but I mostly enjoy designing and implementing UI. I’m the co-founder of Slidebean, the simplest way to create beautiful presentations.

In recent years, I’ve spent most of my time developing mobile applications for iOS, web applications using AngularJS, and add-ons for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I’ve been awarded first prize in two Extend Firefox contests: in 2008 for, a music streaming add-on; and in 2009 for Destroy the Web, a game add-on where you tried to destroy any web page as much as possible in 30 seconds.

Love javascript, love iOS, and have an affair with AngularJS.

I currently live between NYC and sunny/rainy Costa Rica.

Check some of my work at my github, jenrique7. Follow me on Instagram, FacebookTwitter.